Pool Professionals for over 45 Years Over 40,000 pools remodeled!

About Gardner

As a licensed PebbleTec® applicator including their entire finish line of finishes of PebbleFina, PebbleTec®, PebbleSheen and PebbleBrilliance, Gardner also offers many other excellent finishes to fit all budgets and designs. In fact, we offer more pool finishes than any other applicator in Southern California.

But we don’t stop there. Want to kick the chef outside? We can build him (or her) the perfect Outdoor Kitchen. How about a Firepit as a focal point for your next party? Maybe a an overlay to give your old concrete deck a facelift? We can do it all for you at a reasonable budget.

From a quick 3-day plaster to a full-blown remodel, we have our own qualified, professional and experienced team of craftsmen to ensure a quality job on a tight schedule.

Gardner has consistently been the preferred remodeler for leading architects, engineers, designers and pool builders. In fact, almost every reputable pool builder in Southern California hires Gardner to finish their pools. Also, Leslie’s Pool Supplies has selected Gardner as its sole referral partner for over 60 stores!

You are not a customer of Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling; you are a client. To us, there is a big difference.

Why are we so passionate about our work?

Because we know you will enjoy what we do for years by luxuriating in your beautifully remodeled pool and spa as well as admiring from your kitchen window. That’s a lot of responsibility and we take that seriously. When, occasionally, things go wrong, we fix them. We never walk away. That’s passion.

We love the client phone call stating that we couldn’t have worked today because the yard is too clean. Or when our Project Manager calls a client after work to confirm they remembered to bring in the dog before our crew arrives in the morning. Or how we triple-check our work with three levels of field management.

In a world where too much of what we buy discounts quality for price, we at Gardner still believe in American workmanship and pride in what we do.