Company Rules

#1 Each member of the Gardner team is 100% committed to producing the best possible result for our clients. Jobs, however, may have challenges along the way; this is construction, after all. We will do everything in our power, though, to meet those challenges head-on and resolve them to the best of our abilities.

#2 We either are available to take client phone calls immediately or return calls within 3 business hours.

#3 We always provide the best possible quality work.

#4 We follow up on client questions or issues that may arise.

#5 We provide regular communication with clients throughout the progress of the job.

#6 We support each other so we can support our clients. No “finger-pointing” or “passing the buck”; we will each take personal responsibility.

#7 We introduce ourselves upon arrival at the job site and will say goodbye when we leave.

#8 We clean the job site after each workday; no waiting until the final day.