Designing your Outdoor Living Room

Posted On : April 22, 2017

Outdoor Living Space

According to a survey, the home buying trend for 2017 is all about privacy and space — both inside and out. Creating an outdoor living room is a feature that appeals to many homeowners, especially in California where our weather is typically moderate. Are you ready to transform your backyard into a dream outdoor living space? Here are our top three secrets before starting any kind of outdoor remodeling project.

Our Top Three Outdoor Remodeling Secrets

Most homeowners want to increase their property’s value. Our three tips are designed to help you find the right solution for your outdoor living room that will give you years of enjoyment… plus adding to your home’s appeal.

Design Your Backyard to Mirror Your Home

“In order to help a client visualize their finished space, we break it down into the same rooms as in a home; kitchen is the Island, Dining Room is the eating area, Family Room could be a quiet place to relax and read a book. This helps our clients visualize the space,” Mark Feldstein, CFO/Director of Sales Marketing, Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling

Just as in a home, you have different rooms. Imagine your backyard has different spaces for different activities and purposes… just without walls. For example, your outdoor living space could include:

  • A Dining Area – depending upon your backyard’s square footage, the eating area could be as casual as tall table with bar stools or as elaborate as a outdoor dining set.
  • A Family Room — this is a gathering area for friends. You’ll want comfortable seating to lounge and visit. Firepits, outdoor fireplaces and chimineas can make this space cozy even during cool weather. There’s also a trend for installing a TV and stereo equipment.
  • BBQ Island & Outdoor Kitchen — cooking in the backyard is no longer about roughing it. BBQ islands, wood pizza ovens and other amenities create a gourmet outdoor kitchen.
  • Private & Quiet Space — imagine a quiet spot to read, study or nap complete with chaise lounges, side tables and shade umbrellas or pergolas.

Outdoor Living Space Firepit

2. Lifestyle First, Design Second

The purpose of a fabulous backyard and pool is to support your family’s vision of your entertainment lifestyle. Imagine how your family will really use the space. Think about traffic flow for common activities like food prep in the indoor kitchen to the BBQ area to the dining table. Do you have boisterous parties and like to sunbathe? Then pathways and open space will be a must. Do you have lots of shade or lots of west-facing sun? All these factors will help you design an outdoor living room that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

“When designing a backyard remodel with a client, we must first determine how the space will be used, not how it will look. That comes later.” Scott McKenna, CEO, Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling

3. Backyards Are Living Art

While eyes considered the window to your soul, your home’s windows showcase your backyard. Whether you have picture windows, french doors, or fold-away patio doors, your backyard landscaping and living areas are on display. Keep this in mind as you design. What do you want to see while doing the dishes in your kitchen? You’ll probably spend as much time admiring your backyard from the inside as outside.

Bonus Outdoor Living Room Secrets

  • Pools are all about the reflection. The most striking change you can make to a swimming pool is an infinity edge. Pool owners who already have an Infinity edge understand this. A still pool will reflect the colors and scenes around it and double the beauty of the surroundings. This is strongly enhanced by an infinity edge.
  • Select your focal point and design around it. Just like you would decorate a room’s interior, begin with a focal point in your backyard. This focal point could be a swimming pool, a fireplace, a fountain or a fire pit. Whatever you decide, think about the materials and color choices and how they will work with the rest of the backyard and match your home’s exterior.