Our Staff Located in our three company branches

San Diego Headquarters

Scott McKenna

CEOScott got his start in the pool industry at the age of 24 working for California Pools, a pool builder, digging ditches for plumbing. Over the years, he slowly moved up in the business and became a superintendant. After working for them for 4 years, he opened, with his father and brother, his own pool construction company called Trimac Pools. They built high-end pools in the San Diego area. Having decided to stay in the industry but to change focus slightly from building pools to remodeling them, they bought Gardner Pool Plastering. His dad has since passed away. Over the years, they built up Gardner from a small plastering company to a complete remodeling business with three branches in Southern California.

Personal Touch: Scott has been playing basketball 3 days a week at 4:30 in the morning for 25 years.

Mark Feldstein

CFO / Sales ManagerMark has been working since he was 15 years old. At 24, he became a very young Chief Financial Officer; working in industries including business furniture, shrimp processing and, finally, the pool Remodeling business since 2008. In addition, Mark serves as Sales Manager and Director of Marketing for Gardner. Although Mark’s original career path was intended to become a Hollywood writer (a far cry from accounting), he currently uses those creative skills when wearing his marketing “hat”.

Personal touch: Mark has been married since 1986 and is the proud father of a daughter. Mark attributes his creative side to his dad, Al Feldstein, the creator and editor (for 29 years) of Mad Magazine. Growing up in the Feldstein household usually consisted of Mark telling a joke and his dad editing it to make it funnier.

Erik Greenlee

ControllerErik started at Gardner as a 1-2 week temp and just never left. He came from Central Oregon where he ran a small roofing company with his dad, but moved south when he got married at the end of 2006. He came in to help get the front office caught up, and then stayed on quickly moving through the ranks of Accounting, HR, Assistant Controller and now as Controller. These days his daily duties cover the full spectrum including accounting, IT, payroll/HR and managing the office.

Personal Touch: Erik played football in high school and some of college, but has now moved onto long distance running, including completing 4 marathons to date.

Chase & Cameron Little

SupervisorsSeeing double? Not really. Chase Little (left) and Cameron Little (right) are twins and Supervisors for Gardner.

We try not to send them to the same jobs to prevent client double-takes.

As nephews of Scott McKenna, one of the owners of Gardner, Chase and Cameron, you might say, were born into the pool remodeling business.

Lisa Card

Business Development

Jaime Kuenzel

Accounting Administrator

Kat Whelan

Support Specialist

Isaias Ramos

Demo Foreman

Jim White

Fleet Mechanic

Tom Cox

Outdoor Specialist

Adrian Mendoza

Tile Foreman

Saul Sanchez

Demo Foreman

Isidoro Omana

Plaster Foreman

Sandy Lemon

Acid Wash Foreman

Jose Avalos

Tile Foreman

Alex Hernandez

Plaster Foreman

Josh Stang

Outdoor Specialist

Julie Oppenheimer

Outdoor Specialist

Orange County

Josh Owsley

General Manager Anaheim BranchJosh was born for construction work, nearly working at it his entire career. As an excavating contractor, he can run most anything with a motor; from a chainsaw to a 180,000 lb Bulldozer. He started with Gardner Pool Plastering mixing plaster when the team was plastering pools, he moved to service (since he can fix practically anything) and finally opened and running the Palm Springs area branch. Josh has been successfully running this branch ever since.

Personal Touch: Married in 2005, Josh and his wife had their first child in 2008. He loves to travel, visiting so far, 24 states and 22 countries in 5 continents.

Steve Bender

Operations Manager Anaheim BranchSteve Bender has been working in the pool business since 1990 – practically born to water. He began his career in the tile and coping specialty, but soon expanded his experience and knowledge to the entire pool remodeling and new construction industry. With his background, Steve is a tremendous asset to Gardner and well-loved by our clients for this patience and professional demeanor. Steve is just a really nice guy quick to smile!

Personal Touch: Steve enjoys going to the Colorado River spending weekends water skiing. He also likes playing golf which mystifies us – thought he would find work challenging enough!

Dustin Lindberg

SupervisorDustin has been in the pool business since 1997 – that’s 20 years of experience so far! He has now worked both sides of our industry; pool building and remodeling. Dustin has an extensive knowledge ranging from design/sales to service – a full turn-key experience.

Personal Touch: When not working, Dustin plays bass in an Irish Rock Bank, Brick Top Blaggers. He also coaches competitive softball for 18 and under girl team

Lisa Unger


Maegan Thompson

Project Manager

Nancy Diaz

Payroll Specialist

David Dietrich


Sergio Martinez

Plaster Foreman

Mike Foster

Warehouse Manager

Gustavo Martinez

Plaster Foreman

Kevin Dunning

Outdoor Specialist

Sammie Rodriguez

Plumbing Foreman

Pedro Vasquez

Plumbing Foreman

Palm Springs

Mike McKenna

V.P. Mike started working out of High School building swimming pools. Mike began his career working for Pacific Custom Pools, traveling the United States building water theme amusement parks – his first park was right here in Southern California; Raging Waters. Started Trimac Pools with his dad and brother building high-end pool in San Diego area and co-bought Gardner Pool Plastering with his family.

Personal Touch: Aside for building pools, Mike is a late starter in some ways: he is learning to play the piano at 56 and was recently married at 54.

Marina Hernandez

Office Administrator

Dave Cole

Outdoor Specialist

Jose Hernandez

Acid Wash Foreman

Jose Rodriguez

Field Supervisor

Heidi Kindel

Office Administrator

Jose Ramirez

Plaster Foreman

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