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Pool Mosaics Overview

Infinity edge pool and spa

Pool mosaics are a tile or collection of tiles that form a picture that can be set in the pool during the plastering phase. Pool mosaics can be placed practically anywhere you wish – on steps, walls, benches or centered in the bottom of the pool.

Although there are many available designs, custom–designed pool mosaics can be created in practically any shape and design you wish – for a price. Mosaics we have installed include favorite sports team logos, company logos and specialty images.

Off the shelf mosaics are a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can really add a fun and beauty factor to the pool or spa. Many mosaics today are designed with a drop shadow making the image, for example a porpoise or turtle, really looking likes it’s skimming along the bottom of the pool.

Some common ideas for pool mosaics are turtles “swimming” down the pool steps or strategically placed sea horses or dolphins. But the sky’s the limit when it comes to mosaics.

The Gardner Mosaic Game

A fun idea is The Gardner Mosaic Game. This is especially fun for small children because it gives them an activity in the pool and helps develop their swimming ability and breathe control while playing.

The idea is to allow each child to select one or more small mosaics each during the design phase. These are then strategically placed in the pool at different places and depths. The game is for one child (or adult who wants to get in on the fun) to call out the different mosaics in a random order (“Seahorse, Dolphin, Daddy Turtle, Baby Turtle!”). The child must then swim the pool touching the mosaics in the order called to win the round. As a father, I can tell you this game is especially great just before nap time. The youngsters are asleep before their heads hit the pillow.

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