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Concrete, stamped concrete, stepping stones, walking paths, raised patios and pavers are just a few of the choices you have when choosing a decking option. Or, instead of tearing out an existing deck, you may consider deck overlay (hyperlink), tile, stain, natural stone, travertine, quartz and other materials. Your selection may be driven partially by design considerations as well as budget.

Some of the elements that must be considered when choosing a decking solution is the drainage and slope of the deck so no standing water occurs during rains or from sprinklers. You also want to make sure that water always drains away from the home or any open doors. This requires a slope degree analysis given the space allowed. Water should also drain away from the pool.

Another concern should be the weep screed of the home. Weep screed allows the exterior walls of the home to breathe and is made up of sheet metal behind the wall material. It is located at the bottom of the walls. Concrete decking must be an inch below the weep screed. Be sure to discuss this detail with your builder when choosing a decking solution.

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