Pool Remodeling Services

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Over 40,000 Southern California homeowners have trusted Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling since 1969. We work on over 1,500 pools every year, keeping our craftsmen busy delivering beautiful projects — often with an artistic flair — all year round. Plus, we’re Leslie’s Pool Supplies preferred pool remodeling company; they trust the quality of our work and how we treat our clients.

Our Pool Remodeling Services

Dreaming of a remodeled pool, spa and backyard? We’ll help you create the oasis you’ve always wanted. We specialize in:

  • Pool Finishes – Choose from a wide selection of smooth and textured finishes. Made from quality materials such as quartz and glass beads, select the pool finish that creates the sparkle, color, and design that give you years of enjoyment.
  • Pool Replastering – for a smooth, classic look, your pool’s plaster is mixed with crushed marble and expertly applied with a hand trowel.  
  • Pool Tile – Want to add some sizzle to your pool’s design? We offer a wide range of pool tile — from solid colors to irridescent from porcelain to glass. Our design team can help you choose the perfect tiles for your pool’s waterline, trim, and spillway.
  • Pool Coping – The trim around your pool is a key design element, as it provides a visual transition from the surrounding decking to the water’s edge. From cantilevered coping to hand-cut natural stone, we’ll help you create the perfect palette for your backyard oasis.
  • Pool Mosaics – Love the idea of an image or design on the steps, walls, benches or bottom of your pool? Let our mosaic designers bring your imagination to life in your pool remodeling project.
  • Plumbing & Equipment – When it’s time to renovate your pool, it’s also the perfect time to ensure all the plumbing connections and pool equipment are in tip-top shape. With technology advances — such as solar heating and variable-speed pumps — upgrading your equipment can actually save you money.
  • Fountains & Water Features – Dream of a cascade of water filling your pool? The sky’s the limit; our design team can make your dreams come true.
  • Hardscaping & Pool Decking – Decorative pavers, decking and other hardscaping around your pool can literally transform your backyard. As an experienced and licensed contractor, we’ll make sure that water flows away from your home’s exterior walls and doors, protecting them from rain or standing water.\

Serving All Southern California

A pool remodeling project and outdoor renovation can dramatically enhance your home’s appeal. Create the backyard oasis of your dreams with Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling.  Schedule an appointment with an Outdoor Specialist to receive a free estimate.